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Mixed Martial Arts is the most popular and most rounded of all combat sports and the popularity of MMA has exploded in the past decade. Part of the success of the sport is down to the rawness of the action, with fighters wearing no protection, and having no padding on their hands at all except for a pair of 4 ounce gloves. 

What some fans of the sport don’t realise, is that MMA gloves are specially designed to protect the person wearing them, not their opponent. Anyone who has ever been in a street fight or punched a heavy bag with bare knuckles will know how important this protection is. MMA gloves have padding over the knuckles to stop you from breaking your fingers, but unlike boxing or muay thai gloves, they leave the fingers free for grappling.

Wrist injuries are very common in both MMA competition and training, with striking, grappling, and checking punches and kicks all putting enormous pressures on the wrists. Quality MMA gloves will provide much needed additional support and protection to your wrists to prevent you picking up injuries that will keep you out of the cage. As the largest gym gloves store in Australia our MMA gloves are all made from quality leather for long-lasting performance.